4 simple ways to keep your house looks new and welcoming!

After several years of staying in your current house, don’t you miss the fresh look and spaciousness your home once felt when you moved in? Why does it feel so messy, why does it feel like the house is full of stuff and the new and spacious feel is no longer present? Do you feel that your house has aged a lot even just staying for a couple of years? Here are some simple steps you may consider to make your house looks cosy, lovely and new again!


  1. Decluttering

Retail revenue in Singapore contributes to around $48 billion each year. These spendings, be it rationale or not, has to have the money exchanged into a physical goods. So where do these physical goods end up at? Your house. Imagine this, every other day, you bring some of the stuff from outside home. Maybe newspaper, maybe a tumbler souvenir from your D&D, maybe your friends gave you a shirt that they couldn’t fit, maybe you have lots of stuff lying around everywhere. If you are not a home-savvy person, all these stuffs will quickly clutter up your living space and soon, you will find that your house is getting messier and messier.

One way to deal with this issue is to declutter your home.

Make a plan, what thing goes where. For example, if newspapers are piling up, cluster them together and send it to the recycle bin. Keep the stuff that you don’t normally use away in the storeroom. That tumbler souvenir, which you know you most probably won’t use, keep it in the store when you came home, or don’t bring it back in the first place. This way, you can avoid cluttering up your house with things that you don’t need and making your living environment looks tidier!


  1. Fresh paint

Do you know that paint can wear out after a couple of years? The humidity in Singapore stays constant at around 60% to 70%. The humidity is one of the main factors why paint become dull as a few years. In some serious case, visible green molds can be seen on the walls. That’s not a good sign and it makes your house looks old.

One way to counter this is that you can make sure that the paint you use in capable of preventing molds.

If you are already experiencing issues with your current paint, you can engage a painter and repaint your house. Sometimes, a good reputable painter company will also include packages to help you move or cover your existing furniture before painting. It gives your house a new look.


  1. Change your lightbulbs

Similar to paint, lightbulbs have a limited life and it usually last about 3 to 5 years before it malfunctions. From the midlife till it finally malfunction, the brightness it emits are usually getting more and more dull.

When the brightness is dull, it affects the atmosphere of the house, making the house dark and affects its liveliness. Sometimes, it will affect your mood too.

To prevent that from happening, change your lightbulb every 3 years by doing a preventive maintenance. Lightbulb is relative cheap. A house with a good lighting greatly improves the liveliness and efficiency.


  1. New Furniture

Furniture plays a very important role when it comes to living space. In most cases, we recommend buying furniture that is simple in shape, sizes and colour. Bright coloured furniture tends to have their colour wear out quicker than, let’s say, black coloured furniture.

Replacing the old furniture with new ones definitely is a good way to refresh the look of your living space.

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Happy refreshing your house!