Caring Tips for your Fabric Sofa to prolong its life to the maximum

Caring Tips:
Wear and Tear
For sofa with movable backrest and seat cushions, rotate them on your sofa once every week to ensure even wear. This will prolong the life of the foam inside the cushion.
If the cushions are showing signs of sinking, you can try using a steam-iron and steam the surface of the cushions for a few minutes. The hot steam will penetrate the tiny holes in the foam and help to expand the tiny holes and puff the cushions up again. However, the results may vary on the wear level of the cushions.
Stains on the sofa are almost inevitable, especially when the sofa are being used daily. Stains from food, drinks, denims or even body sweat, can cause the sofa to look unsightly and greatly impacts the outlook of your living room. It is also unhygienic as germs and bacterial can develop on the uncleaned sofa surfaces. We recommend to wipe off the stains with a damped cloth immediately when they get onto the sofa. Allow the watermarks on the sofa to dry before sitting on it.
We also recommend engaging sofa cleaning experts to do a professional clean on the sofa once every year. It will keep your sofa looking great and new for a long period of time
Dirt and food debris can get trapped on the fibres of the sofa fabric. We recommend to use a soft-bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa once every week to prevent the build-up of dirt stuff.
If the sofa covers are removable, try to handwash the covers. For machine-wash, you should choose the most delicate washing program on the washing-machine. These steps are important as they will prolong the life of the covers. If ironing is needed after washing, Steam-Ironing is recommended.