How to Use Plants in the Interior

Bring a Dash of Nature

Plants is an integral part of life as well as the essential component of interior design. Plants can cleverly be used in living spaces without gates to create a more welcoming feel when entering the home. 

Houseplants are ways to bring a dash of nature to the space you are working or living in. When well maintained, can add loads of freshness to your home and office interiors. The plants are in the variety of sizes and some can even add fragrance to your room depending on the kind of plants you want to be surrounded with, and how much time you have to maintain them.

Use Plant to Match Furniture


Houseplants can be used for the enhancement of numerous types of interior designs and styles. It can be used to serve different interior design purposes and pull the entire look together while giving the living space a warm, welcoming feel. Houseplants even help to fill up some empty such as unused space in bigger living areas. 

Rooms with lots of windows or that get plenty of sun during the daylight hours needs bright sunlight houseplants. Rooms that have no sunlight, long hallways, or in areas of the room that are away from natural and artificial lighting need plants with shades.

Types of Indoor Plant 

You can choose between living or artificial ones. While living plants are the best choice, artificial plants can also fulfill the same purpose for those without a green thumb. But remember that while artificial plants don't need regular watering, the leaves of the plants need to be dusted regularly. Many of these plants can suit your office interiors or your home interior flawlessly. The most basic arrangement is whether you want flowering or non-flowering varieties. The Moth Orchid, Amaryllis or the Peace Lily are beautiful flowering varieties that grow very well and easy to manage in indoor conditions. If you are interested in greens, plants like the English Ivy, Cactus Combo Bonsai, Chinese evergreen or the Mother-in-law's tongue are faultless highly adaptable.

The type of indoor plant you choose depends on the amount of time you can spend on maintaining it. Type of plants like Ponytail Palm does not require watering. Maintenance is a concern with indoor plants. However, the plants you should choose will depend on if your home or office space can provide all the necessary conditions for its growth. For instance, if the plant you require is one that needs 'full light', make sure that you have facilities that can support that. It does not look good when you buy a plant that is visually appealing and then watches it wither away due to carelessness from your side.

 It is important to note that some varieties of houseplant require regular fertilizing, repotting or watering. Hence putting all these into consideration is paramount, and if it is impossible you may want to choose low maintenance varieties so that they last longer. After you buy a plantlet, water especially is very important, so make sure that you provide all the nutrients that it needs.

home furniture with plant

Enjoy Living!