Our Process - From sketches to yourhome.

The uniquely designed products you order are developed byour very own design lab.

Always on the look out for the next best design ideas, ourteam is constantly searching to find inspiration for the products we offer.They are sure to use only the highest quality materials from around the worldto create our products. Our in-house designer takes these inspirations and thentransforms them into the furniture selections you see today by using their keeneye and great attention to detail. After that, small models and mock ups of thefurniture are created by our skilled craftsmen and then sent to ourresearch/survey team to receive feedback on whether or not the product isacceptable for our customers. Our customers’ opinion means the world to us sowe like to ensure ample opportunity to receive consumer feedback through thesurveys we send out.

At this point, many modifications will have been made andfinal mock ups will have been sent to test for quality, safety, and durability.We use specialized equipment that applies weight and force to each design inorder to ensure the products are able to retain the stability, resilience, andcomfort that meets our high standards.

Protecting the product throughout the delivery process isextremely important to us. We want to ensure your new furniture reaches you inpristine condition. We also look into complex issues such as our furnituresenvironmental and health impact. The process doesn’t end until you get thefinal product and give your stamp of approval.

Our products are not only designed with style in mind, butthey are made to last with love.